CYBEL BT-MISTRAL-2051 benchtop fiber amplifier

The Cybel BT-MISTRAL-2051 is a line of high power Thulium-doped fiber benchtop amplifiers (TDFA) designed for the eye safe amplification bandwidth from 1950 to 2060nm. The BT-MISTRAL-2051 has been specifically designed for operation around the important CO2 absorption near 2051 nm and delivers up to 20 W of saturated power with a 50 dB OSNR over a 20 dB input dynamic range. This amplifier can be customized for specific wavelength and a large range of applications.

The BT-MISTRAL 2051 nm fiber amplifier provides the user with stable and high performance over a bandwidth from 2049 nm to 2053 nm . This TDFA comes as a turn key benchtop instrument in either a standard or an all polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. Output power and monitoring of key operating parameters such as, automatic current/power control (ACC/APC) modes are controlled either from the user friendly front panel or USB port. An OEM package is available.

Main specifications

Input signal power1 / 0.01mW
Input signal linewidth3MHz
Output power5 / 20W


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