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1000 NM / Visible Intensity and Phase Modulators

Optilab is a world leader in Optical Modulators with a strong and nearly three-decade mastery of the Lithium Niobate technology. Optilab offers a comprehensive range of Phase and Intensity Modulators for 1000 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm that can operate in harsh environments including space.

Optilab 1000 nm Intensity Modulators and Phase Modulators are fabricated using Optilab High Temperature Proton Exchange waveguide technology, a technology that allows to produce high PER, high extinction modulators with higher power handling.

In the visible domain, AdvR has developed phase modulators in KTP waveguides to operate in wavelengths ranging from 400 nm to 780 nm. The use of KTP waveguides enables modulators with high power handling and low Vπ .  Common applications include ion trapping, atom cooling and laser locking.

WPM-K SeriesPhase Modulator400 - 780 nm6 GHz
IM-1064-10Intensity Modulator1030 - 1090 nm10 GHz
PM-1064-15Phase Modulator1030 - 1070 nm15 GHz
1000 nm Intensity Modulator
+ 33-(0)685 -220-115 /