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Integrated Transmitters

The APIC ruggedized 20 GHz analog RFoF integrated transmitters are high performance solutions for RF remoting. They are designed as a flexible platform that includes in a small form factor: ultra-low noise driver electronics, low RIN laser with shot noise performance, high performance modulator and optional LNA. The transmitter can be operated either by an on-off switch using predefined settings or the user can utilize supplied GUI that allows control of all internal components – laser, modulator and LNA operating parameters. The transmitters offer 100 MHz-20 GHz RF instantaneous bandwidth which, when coupled with APIC’s high responsivity and linearity receivers, offers unmatched RFoF performance.

For applications that require high sensitivity and very low minimum detection signal threshold a configuration using an LNA is recommended.

For applications that require higher linearity a transmitter without an LNA is recommended.

MicroATX-201550 nm20 GHzYesMiniature
BBATX-201550 nm20 GHzNoCompact
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RFoF integrated transmitters
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