MPR0020 20 GHz Microwave Photonics Receiver


The MPR0020 Microwave Photonics Receiver extends link response to greater than 20 GHz via direct optical-to-analog RF conversion for signal remoting, communications, radar and information processing applications.

The unit consists of a high speed InGaAs PIN photodiode coupled to the RF output connector. It includes internal bias decoupling and can operate over a wide range of supply voltages (+3 to +15V). The detector response covers 1300 to 1600 nm. It is pigtailed with 900μm jacketed, single mode (ITU-T G.652.D compliant) fiber and can be terminated with a variety of optical connector options.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength13001600nm
Saturation Input Power (@-1 dB Compression Point)10dBm
RF Bandwidth2025GHz
Responsivity 1310/1550 nm0.750.9A/W
20 GHz Photodiode


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