low RIN DFB laser


DFB-1270 / DFB-1290 / DFB-1310 / DFB-1330 Laser Modules

The DFB-1310H-PM-100 is a single frequency laser coupled with Polarization Maintaining fiber. Built with Distributed Feed-Back Grating (DFB) as cavity reflector, it provides pure, single longitudinal mode, hopping free and extremely stable wavelength source. This laser diode is fabricated with Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) for excellent reliability and stability. It can be used either in CW operation for seeding the external modulation and coherence interferometry, or directly modulated for signal transmission. This MQW DFB laser features 100 mW of output optical power, high Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR). The standard 14-pin butterfly integrates TEC, thermistor, monitor PD and an output isolator.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength ( 100 GHz ITU channel grid)12701330nm
Output powerup to 100mW
Operational Temperature-20+65°C
DFB-1310-PM-100 BP


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