Photonics for Space

Space is the next place where photonics will establish its unique capabilities and benefits and will impose itself as an essential technology.

At MorePhotonics most of partners have already a sound experience in space. Whether they have qualified their components for space, have delivered devices already operating in satellites or space missions, or have been qualified to supply components for future missions, they are prepared for the space challenge.

Optilab offers a choice of space qualified modulators (10 GHz / 20 GHz / 40 GHz)

Photodigm : free space and fiber coupled DBR lasers at different wavelength (700 nm to 1083 nm) are operating in satellites and deep space missions. The company has also developed a unique know how in components space qualification and has been entrusted by its space customers to qualify third parties components.

Cybel produces fiber lasers and amplifiers built with radiation hardened fibers. Cybel is also selected by  NASA to develop innovative multi Watt (1 W & 5 W) PM fiber amplifier and laser transmitter modules in the 2 micron atmospheric transmission window band, and in particular at the 2051nm wavelength.

OEwaves is selected for further development as a candidate master oscillator for the first space-based gravitational wave observatory, known as the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission. The LISA mission is led by the European Space Association (ESA) in cooperation with NASA.