High Linearity Photodiodes

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High Linearity Photodiodes

MACOM offers a choice of high bandwidth, high linearity PIN photodiodes. The proprietary, semiconductor photodiodes design optimizes speed, sensitivity and low polarization dependence across wide wavelengths, while the internal, ceramic waveguide design assures a clean pulse response necessary for low group-delay and an accurate response.

The packaged photodiodes are soldered and laser welded, ensuring maximum physical reliability and performance stability with ambient temperature variation. Different configurations of receivers in the frequency range from DC to 70 GHz are offered. Instrument style photodiodes packaged in a compact, easy to use case are also available.


P-18A1200 - 1650 nm7 dBm20 GHz
P-501310 - 1550 nm7 dBm50 GHz
P-701310 - 1550 nm7 dBm70 GHz
ARX-101550 nm19 dBm10 GHz
ARX-201550 nm18 dBm20 GHz
ARX-401550 nm18 dBm40 GHz
P-70A Photodiode
+ 33-(0)685 -220-115 /