Linear Photonics provides state-of-the-art microwave links for systems from DC to >60 GHz. Linear Photonics can meet all of RF Photonic needs from receivers and transmitters to the entire link. Applications include, signal transport, antenna remoting, radar simulation and the precise time and frequency distribution. Systems are designed to meet any environmental requirements from laboratories to the harsh environments of naval, avionic and space deployments. See Linear Photonics products : RFoF Links, Microwave Photoreceivers, ToF Links

MorePhotonics is the Linear Photonics distributor in European countries (excepted Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland)


SILENTSYS develops and proposes innovative ultralow noise systems covering photonics, THz/GHz and electronic modules.

SILENTSYS flagship product is the Optical Frequency Discriminator (OFD) that allows to generate or characterize ultralow phase noise lasers,  GHz or THz signals.

SILENTSYS also offers ultra low noise laboratory power supplies.


MACOM designs and manufactures semiconductor products for Data Center, Telecommunication, Scientific and Defense applications.

MACOM’s photonic solutions portfolio consists of monolithic integrated optoelectronic components based on gallium arsenide, indium phosphide and other semiconductor materials. The current products include High Speed Photodiodes and Photoreceivers in hermetic modules, edge-emitting and surface-emitting Fabry Perot (FP) lasers, Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers, Mach-Zehnder (MZ) optical modulator drivers and laser drivers.


Redfern Integrated Optics (RIO)-OptaSense Inc., headquarted in Santa Clara California, develops and manufactures optical sources and subsystems based on its proprietary planar external cavity laser technology (PLANEX™), which delivers unique price-performance advantages in energy, security, infrastructure, metrology, and other markets.

RIO’s product lines include 1550 nm and 1060 nm single frequency narrow linewidth lasers and modules with very low noise, unparalleled wavelength stability, low cost, small size, low power dissipation, and Telecom grade lifetime reliability. Thousands of RIO lasers are deployed all over the world in fiber optics sensing and measurement systems.

Pilot Photonics

Pilot Photonics offers unique optical comb source, photonic integrated circuit solutions and semiconductor lasers that it develops as a platform technology applicable to many markets including communication, spectroscopy, sensing, and metrology.


Optilab is a leader in photonics and fiber optic solutions. The Optilab innovative and ground-breaking products serve customers in aerospace, defense, telecom, optical sensing, scientific laser, and university research.

Optilab offers an unparalleled choice of optical modulators produced with the in-house lithium niobate technology.


FoxCom, a pioneer in RFoF with thousands of optical links deployed around the world, offers field-proven solutions that last for decades under the most challenging conditions for any situation.

FoxCom offers dedicated RFoF solutions for : SatCom, VSAT, Military RFoF, Iridium and GPS transport.



APIC is a US company created in 1999 and headquartered in Culver City, near Los Angeles, CA. The company specializes in chip design and fabrication of high performance photonic devices, device packaging and vertical integration into electro-optic systems. Highly Integrated Photonics (HIP) devices developed by APIC find applications in electronic warfare, electronic surveillance and communications, applications which require extremely high fidelity transmission of broadband analog signals over fiber.

APIC produces :


OEwaves is a world leader in microwave photonics and transforms novel microwave photonic technologies, from concept to the marketplace, enabling new capabilities in communications, radar, and test and measurement systems. The company’s core technologies include the opto-electronic oscillator (OEO) and whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical resonator.
The unique technology of WGM optical resonator with crystalline material enables ultra-high quality factor (Q) microwave and optical filters and is the key element of OEwaves robust super-narrow spectral linewidth laser sources.

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Cybel is a US photonic company which specializes in the design and fabrication of fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers operating in the 1060nm, 1550 nm and 2000 nm optical bandwidths. Cybel offers efficient and reliable OEM products in standard or PM fiber for CW or pulsed applications.

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IMRA America, Inc. is dedicated to creative research and innovation at the forefront of technology. IMRA’s history as the oldest and most experienced femtosecond fiber laser company reflects the successful implementation of breakthrough technologies. IMRA continues to expand its capabilities and, based on its pioneering research over the last three decades, offers record high performance Frequency Combs for Time and Frequency Metrology. With strong research, product development and engineering competencies, IMRA continues to lead the industry with high impact innovative products.

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Photodigm is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. The company monolithic laser diode products deliver unsurpassed performance for atom optics, non-linear optics, precision instruments, and high speed pulsed operation where beam quality and spectral purity are critical.  Photodigm DBR lasers conform to the highest standards of beam quality and deliver the highest powers available today in individual single mode laser diodes.

Photodigm DBRs are available certified to precise wavelengths  for use in the most demanding applications in spectroscopy, metrology, and analysis.

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