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Low RIN DFB Lasers

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Low RIN DFB Lasers

MorePhotonics, with its partner APIC, offers a choice of low RIN and ultra-low RIN DFB lasers. APIC lasers are designed to operate in the shot noise limit. The typical Relaxation Oscillations in these semiconductor lasers are suppressed and the lasers operate with Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) < -165 dB/Hz in the full frequency range of 50 MHz to 22 GHz. The APIC lasers have high output power and are the optimal choice for High fidelity RF over fiber applications.

APIC low RIN DFB laser modules come in Butterfly package or in module integrating a low noise laser driver and TEC temperature controller.

LN-1550-168-1201550 nm120 mW-168 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-168-1001550 nm100 mW-168 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-168-801550 nm80 mW-168 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-165-1201550 nm120 mW-165 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-165-1001550 nm100 mW-165 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-165-801550 nm80 mW-165 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-165-601550 nm60 mW-165 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
LN-1550-165-401550 nm40 mW-165 dB/HzTabletop Laser Module
CWL-120-1550-1681550 nm120 mW-168 dB/HzButterfly Module
CWL-100-1550-1681550 nm100 mW-168 dB/HzButterfly Module
CWL-80-1550-1681550 nm80 mW-168 dB/HzButterfly Module
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