High Bandwidth Devices

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Thanks to a cutting-edge proprietary technology, APIC produces photonic devices with high performance  for electronic warfare, electronic surveillance and communications, applications which require extremely high fidelity transmission of broadband analog signals over fiber.


High Linearity Photodiodes

RFoF integrated transmitters

MicroWave Photoreceivers

40 GHz Intensity Modulator

1550 NM Intensity Modulators

1310 nm Modulator

1310 NM Intensity and Phase Modulators

Modulator Driver

Modulator Drivers


High Bandwidth PIN + TIA Photoreceivers

Linear DFB laser

Linear Direct Modulated DFB Lasers

1550 nm Phase Modulator

1550 NM Phase Modulators

1550 nm Phase Modulator

780 - 850 - 1060 NM and Visible Modulators

Bias Control Board

Modulator Bias Controllers

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