Modulator Bias Controller

Modulator Bias Controllers

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Modulator Bias Controllers

Optilab is a world leader in Optical Modulators with a strong and nearly three-decade mastery of the Lithium Niobate technology. Optilab offers a comprehensive range of Phase and Intensity Modulators for 1000 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm that can operate in harsh environments including space.

In addition to its range of modulators, Optilab offers Modulator Bias Controllers that allow to lock the modulator operating point at the desired position depending on the application. Bias Controllers compensate for any drift of the modulator due to changes in the environment or aging.

BCB-4Bias Control Board4 settings : Q+, Q-, Max, Min
MBC-IQ-3Bias Control Boardfor IQ modulators
Bias Control Board
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