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RFoF Links

Linear Photonics offers a comprehensive range of RFoF links, transmitter and receiver modules, available for operation up to 50 GHz.

The DiLink family of transmitters and receivers are directly modulated, temperature compensated RFoF links available up to 4 GHz.

The XiMod family of transmitters and receivers uses externally modulated transmitters, which allow the transmission of much higher frequencies than directly modulated links.  XiMod links operate up to 26 GHz, QMod links go beyond 50 GHz. As with DiLink family, the XiMod and QLink families offer multiple options for Gain, NF, and compression points, allowing RF designers to easily determine the optimum configuration for their specific application.  Transmitters and receivers with internal Optical Amplification are also available.

Customized solutions are available for higher frequencies. Options are available for extended temperature use, RF amplification, and optical amplification.

DiLink1310 nm / 1550 nmup to 4 GHzNo50 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm
XiMod1550 nmup to 26 GHzYes150 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm
QMod1550 nmup to 50 GHzYes150 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm
+ 33-(0)685 -220-115 /