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Phase – Frequency – Intensity Noise Measurement Systems

Using a homodyne methodology, OEwaves HI-QTM Optical Test Measurement Systems (TMS) offer  fully automated measurement of ultra-low phase noise CW oscillators and laser sources.

These homodyne based systems are unique in wideband measurement without requiring another low noise reference source. The complete system operates with ease, speed and precision via a simple graphic user interface on a dedicated PC. No additional test equipment required.

SILENTSYS  Optical Frequency Discriminator is designed for laser frequency noise characterization and/or for laser frequency stabilization to drastically reduce the optical full width at half maximum linewidth.

OE4000Optical Phase-Frequency Noise Measurement
OE4001Relative Intensity Noise Measurement
OE8000RF Phase-Frequency Noise Measurement
SILENTSYS OFDOptical Frequency Discriminator
Phase Noise Measurement
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