Laser Diode Mounts

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Laser Diode Mounts

MLM Series laser diode mounts for directly modulated butterfly-package lasers are a convenient heat-sinked package for OEM or lab use. The laser diode mounts come in two varieties: a 14-pin butterfly package modulated though one of the pins, or a butterfly package with 7-pins and an RF-connector for modulation. Both varieties can have either direct soldering for permanent laser installation or a socket holder for simple interchanging of lasers.

The TO8-1000-2A is an ideal mount for the operation of TO-8 packaged lasers. Laser is held in-place with aluminum clamp plate and two screws. Threaded holes are supplied on all sides of the housing for single post mounting to an optical bench.

NAMEPackage TypeHolding
MLM-14C14-pin Butterflysocket holders
MLM-7C7-pin Butterfly with RF connectorsocket holder
MLM-14P14-pin Butterflypermanent soldering
MLM-7P7-pin Butterfly with RF connectorpermanent soldering
Laser Diode Mount
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