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1310 nm Intensity and Phase Modulators

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1310 NM Intensity and Phase Modulators

Optilab is a world leader in Optical Modulators with a strong and nearly three-decade mastery of the Lithium Niobate technology. Optilab offers a comprehensive range of Phase and Intensity Modulators for 1060 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm that can operate in harsh environments including space.

Optilab Modulators are deployed on the field in telecommunications systems, analog transmission systems, fiber optics sensors and are widely used in laboratories. They are available with modulation bandwidth up to 50 GHz (IML-1550-50 Intensity Modulator), as stand alone devices or integrated in compact modules with automatic bias control or laser source (LMB/CMB Intensity Modulator).

IM-1310-40Intensity Modulator1270 - 1370 nm40 GHz
PM-1270-6Phase Modulator1270 - 1370 nm6 GHz
PM-1310-15Phase Modulator1270 - 1370 nm15 GHz
1310 nm Intensity Modulator
+ 33-(0)685 -220-115 /