Fiber Optical Amplifier from CYBEL

1950 nm High Gain-Broadband Fiber Optical Amplifier from CYBEL

The Cybel SCIROCCO-1950 series is a line of broadband Thulium-doped fiber amplifiers (TDFA) covering the spectral window from 1900 to 2050 nm with high gain and low noise figure. Up to 45 dB small signal gain and a 30 dB saturated gain are available at 1950 nm with an NF of less than 5 dB. In saturation, this amplifier delivers an output power of +30 dBm (1 W) over a 60 nm optical bandwidth with an in-band OSNR of greater than 50 dB. The SCIROCCO-1950 comes in a compact and efficient OEM module for both the standard single mode and PM versions. It is also available in a 19” benchtop unit.

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