New Electronics for Frequency Combs

IMRA introduces new Frequency Combs Control Electronics

Dither Lock-In Amplifier

Frequency Combs leader IMRA introduces two high performance, easy-to-use electronics to be used with Optical Frequency Combs. They can operate with all Optical Frequency Combs : custom lab-made systems and other vendors combs. DLA and HVA electronics find also application in Spectroscopy for   :

• Coherent combination
• Delay line stabilization
• Fabry-Perot cavity locking
• SRS and CARS signal to noise enhancement

DLA Dither Lock-In Amplifier is a rack-mounted, one channel, low-noise lock-in amplifier with an integrated synthesizer and slow PI servo for dither-lock applications.

HVA High Voltage Amplifier offers ultra-low noise performance and is optimized for PZT and EOM control for precision frequency metrology. The HVA is compatible with the IMRA ULC lock box, allowing for convenient phase control of frequency combs with a feedback bandwidth up to 1 MHz. It includes customer interface and provisions for remote control via PC with several user-selectable modulation functions.


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