CYBEL SPACELIGHT-1064 high power pulsed fiber laser module

The CYBEL SPACELIGHT is a 1064 nm pulsed fiber laser that delivers short pulses ( 2-8ns ) over a wide range of repetition rates ( 200 kHz-1.5 MHz ) with high pulse energy ( up to 40uJ ).

The SPACELIGHT comes in either a 5W or 10W average power configuration with up to 10 kW of peak power in a near-Gaussian beam ( M2< 1.3 ).

Output power and monitoring of key operating parameters are controlled from either an RS232 or USB port while the pulses are triggered by either an external TTL input signal or through internal software control.

Main specifications

Operation wavelength106010641070nm
Pulse width4ns
Repetition rate2001500kHz
Output Peak Power @ 250 kHz (SPACELIGHT5)-5-kW
Output Peak Power @ 250 kHz (SPACELIGHT10)-10-kW


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