CYBEL MAKO-1064 compact fiber laser module

The CYBEL MAKO-1064 is a compact 1064 nm dual-mode ( pulsed and CW ) fiber laser that can deliver either 2.5 kW pulses or CW power greater than 1.5W. The laser output has a near-Gaussian profile (M2≃1 ) .

The MAKO pulse width ( 4 to 50 ns ) and repetition rate ( 10 to 2,000 kHz ) are continuously adjustable through an analog input control. Output power is adjustable through a separate digital control.

The MAKO is an efficient, ultra-compact ( 91 x 66 x 15 mm3 ) and ultra-light, all-fiber OEM unit specifically designed for sensing applications requiring small size.

Main specifications

Center Wavelength-1064-nm
Optical bandwidth CW-10-MHz
Optical bandwidth pulsed-1-nm
Pulse width4-50ns
Pulse repetition rate10-2000kHz


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