CYBEL HOPA-1550 1.5 micron fiber amplifier : module and benchtop

The CYBEL HOPA-AMP-1550 is a high power, single mode, single frequency 1.5 micron fiber amplifier that delivers up to 25 W of saturated output power with a near diffraction limited output beam ( M2< 1.1 ) . He is available as a module and as a benchtop instrument, in SM and PM versions.

The HOPA-AMP-1550  provides the user with stable and high performance over a bandwidth from 1545 nm to 1565 nm. Output power and monitoring of key operating parameters such as, automatic current control (ACC) and automatic power control (APC) modes are controlled from either a RS232 or USB port.

The HOPA amplifiers modules are efficient and compact all-fiber OEM units that can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial or laboratory uses, optical transmission systems or field deployment.


Main specifications

Input signal power0-17dBm
Input signal linewidth10kHz
Output power (@ 0 dBm in)125W
ASE level (@ 10 W output)200mW


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