CYBEL MORAY-1600 1.6 micron fiber amplifier : module and benchtop

The CYBEL MORAY-BT-1600 series is a line of high optical power Erbium Ytterbium fiber amplifiers ( E YDFA ) designed for operation over the bandwidth from 1570 to 1610 nm. The MORAY-BT-1600 amplifier delivers up to 10 W of CW output power with a random or linear polarization and a single mode high beam quality, M2<1.1 These amplifiers are built to maintain stable performance in R&D experiment as well in field applications.

The MORAY-BT-1600 laser comes in a 19 ” rack mount benchtop unit with either a standard or a polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. It is also available in a compact OEM format ( 200 x 150 x 43 mm3 ) for easy system integration and deployment. Output power, key monitoring, and operating parameters such as automatic current control (ACC) and automatic power control (APC ) modes are controlled from a USB port.

Main specifications

Input signal power3-15dBm
Input signal linewidth2MHz
Output power (@ 0 dBm in)110W


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