CYBEL JET-1600 fiber laser module

The CYBEL JET-1600 is a CW fiber laser source with an output power of either 1 or 2W and a center laser wavelength at 1567nm. The wavelength can be customized from 1540 nm to 1600 nm. This laser is ideal for pumping Thullium doped fiber amplifiers and lasers. The output power is continuously adjustable and exhibits less than 1% power change over 6 hours. The JET-1600 can also be used in applications ranging from sensing to research & development and spectroscopy.

The JET-1600 comes in a light (125g)and ultra compact OEM pack- age (91 x 59 x 15 mm3 ) w ith either a standard or an all polarization maintaining fiber. Both the output power and key operating parameters are controlled from an RS232 port.

Main specifications

Center Wavelength-1567-nm
Output power1 / 2W
Spectral width0.3nm
Output power stability over 6 hours1%


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