CYBEL MAKO-NL-1550 narrow line width compact fiber laser module

The CYBEL MAKO-NL is a single frequency narrow linewidth fiber laser designed for low noise applications in the wavelength range from 1540 to 1565 nm. The MAKO-NL OEM module produces a highly stable 1550 nm CW output of more than a 1 W with a sub-MHz linewidth range, low RIN and intensity noise and excellent OSNR.

Since the MAKO-NL design uses a Master Optical Power Amplifier design ( MOPA), it allows large scalable output power and a wavelength selection in a robust and small form factor packaging
( 97 x 78 x 15 mm3) . This OEM laser product comes as either a standard or an all polarization maintaining laser that provides steady performance in adverse environmental conditions. It is also available in a 19″ benchtop presentation.

The MAKO-NL-1550 compact module is ideally suited for integration in Lidar systems, optical sensing or RF & analog photonic applications. External monitoring and control can be achieved via RS232 computer interface.

Main specifications

Center Wavelength154015501565nm
Output signal linewidth-1-MHz
Output power-1-W


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