2.0 micron Fiber Lasers and Sources

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2.0 micron Fiber Lasers and Sources

Cybel is the world leader in 2 micron fiber laser and fiber amplifiers. The company has published more than 30 articles in international conferences and specialized magazines since 2017. Thanks to its close collaboration with specialty fibers manufacturers, Cybel has developed an unparalleled competency in fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers simulation. This allows Cybel to design and build systems with high performance, fitting perfectly the end user requirements.

Cybel offers a range of fiber lasers covering the 2.0 μm spectral range. They are available as compact modules or benchtop instruments and include fiber lasers, ASE sources and tunable sources. Thanks to the company long experience and close collaboration with active fiber manufacturers, Cybel fiber lasers characterize by their first-class performance and high reliability.

MAKO-NL-19001900 nmCWmodule / benchtop1 W
MAKO-NL-20002000 nmCWmodule / benchtop1 W
PRISM-20002000 nmCWmodule / benchtop1 W
VULCAN-20002000 nmCWmodule / benchtopup to 10 W
MAGNI-20002000 nmCWmodule / benchtopup to 10 W
ASTROLIGHT-20002000 nmPulsedmodule / benchtop5 kW
ORION-20002000 nmCWbenchtop10 mW (1 W with amp)
PHOENIX-20402040 nmCW / Pulsedbenchtop1 W CW / 10 W peak
TENOR-20001900-2050 nmTunablebenchtop1 W
MIR-ASE-1800/1900/20001700-2100 nmBroadbandmodule / benchtop500 mW
+ 33-(0)685-220-115 /