2.0 micron Fiber Lasers

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2.0 micron Fiber Lasers and Souces

Cybel offers a range of fiber lasers covering the 2.0 μm spectral range. They are available as compact modules or benchtop instruments and include fiber lasers, ASE sources and tunable sources. Thanks to the company long experience and close collaboration with active fiber manufacturers, Cybel fiber lasers characterize by their first-class performance and high reliability.

PRISM-2micron2000 nmCWmodule1 W
VULCAN-2micron2000 nmCWmoduleup to 10 W
MAGNI-2micron2000 nmCWmoduleup to 10 W
ASTROLIGHT-2micron2000 nmPulsedmodule5 kW
BT-VULCAN-2micron2000 nmCWbenchtopup to 10 W
BT-MAGNI-2micron2000 nmCWbenchtopup to 10 W
BT-ASTROLIGHT-2micron2000 nmPulsedbenchtop5 kW
TENOR-20001900-2050 nmTunablebenchtop1 W
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