CYBEL MAGNI-2000 high power narrow linewidth CW fiber laser : module and benchtop

The CYBEL MAGNI-NL-2000 series is a line of narrow linewidth, high power Thulium doped fiber lasers designed at a wavelength range of 1900 to 2050 nm. The MAGNI-NL-2000 laser delivers more than 10 W of CW power with a random or linear polarization and a single mode high beam quality, M2<1.1 This laser has been designed for industrial as well as R&D applications.

The MAGNI-NL-2000 laser comes in a compact module (200 x 150 x 43 mm3) or in a 19″ benchtop enclosure,with either a standard or a polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. Both the output power and key op- erating parameters are controlled from a RS 232 computer interface (module) or through the front panel keyboard (benchtop).

Main specifications

Operation wavelength19002050nm
Output power410W
Spectral width2MHz


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