MIR-ASE-1800 / 1900 / 2000

CYBEL MIR-ASE-1800 / 1900 / 2000 Broadband Sources

The CYBEL MIR-ASE are mid-infrared broadband light sources. These amplified stimulated emission (ASE) sources exhibit excellent power stability, low temporal coherence and a high spatial coherence. These combined features are ideal for applications ranging from optical component testing, gas analysis to OCT.

The MIR-ASE broadband sources come in an OEM module (200 x 150 x 43 mm3) or a 19” turnkey rack mountable benchtop version with either a random or linear polarized output signal. The unit  delivers up to 500 mW of power with a 20 dB band of 160 nm.

The MIR-ASE can be designed to have their centered emission wavelength selected from 1800 nm to 2100 nm. The output power is scalable to Watt level with an optical isolator.

Main specifications

Center wavelength NIR-ASE-18001830nm
Center wavelength NIR-ASE-19001830nm
Center wavelength NIR-ASE-20001830nm
Spectral bandwidth140nm
Output power0.5W


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