CYBEL ORION-2000 single frequency narrow linewidth DFB fiber laser

The CYBEL ORION-2000 is a single frequency narrow linewidth (10 kHz ) DFB Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) laser emitting in the range of 1900 to 2050 nm. The laser wavelength can be fine-tunned by +/- 0.4 nm with temperature adjustment.

The DFB-FBG alone delivers 10 mW of CW output power, and more than 500 mW of output power with an additional amplifier stage.

The ORION-2000 laser comes either in a Skyline OEM package or a turnkey benchtop unit, the output fiber can be a standard single mode fiber or polarization mantaining (PM) fiber.

Main specifications

Operation wavelength190020002050nm
Output power10mW
Spectral width10kHz


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