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APIC ARX-40 High Linearity 40 GHz Photodiode

The ARX-40 APIC high linearity 40 GHz photodiode is a packaged proprietary design InGaAs photodiode (PD), that is optimized for high input optical power and maximum output current linearity. The device is designed to work for RF over fiber links that require high dynamic range, low noise figure and high RF gain. The internal components are soldered and laser welded, ensuring maximum reliability and performance stability with ambient temperature variations.

To ensure maximum RF flatness, the ARX-40 40 GHz photodiode can be terminated with an on-chip 50 ohm termination and has a DC coupled output.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength8501650nm
Maximum Input Power10mW
Responsivity @ 1550 nm0.72A/W
RF Bandwidth3133GHz
10 GHz Photodiode


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