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BPR-22-M     22 GHz Balanced Photoreceiver

The Optilab BPR-22-M is a 22 GHz balanced photoreceiver module. This cost-effective receiver module operates under a single +5V power supply and can provide users with a turn key solution for applications such as balanced photo detection and 43 Gbit/s DQPSK receiver. With a single, differential linear transimpedance / variable gain amplifier (TIA/VGA), BPR-22-M offers two gain control modes : manual and automatic. In manual mode, BPR-22-M provides a linear conversion gain of 1500 V/A. In automatic mode, the gain is automatically adjusted to deliver a constant differential output voltage up to 1200 mV. It also includes a peak detector output for closed loop control of a front-end optical demodulator. An excellent electrical and optical phase propagation is achieved by a total skew of lower than 5 ps between the balanced signal paths.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength14801620nm
RF Bandwidth1922GHz
Conversion Gain1500V/W
Differential Voltage Swing1.2Vpp
Optical Input Level-10+4dBm
Balanced Photoreceiver


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