APIC MicroATX-20 20 GHz Miniature Integrated Transmitter

APIC MicroATX-20 is a miniature, ruggedized analog RF over Fiber (RFoF) optical transmitter which is part of a high performance solution for RF remoting. It is a self-contained, compact module that includes ultra-low noise driver electronics, low RIN laser with shot noise performance, high performance modulator, and optional LNA. The transmitter is set for automatic turn-on upon power-up or controlled through a built-in GUI that enables the user to control all internal components (i.e. laser, modulator, and LNA operating param ters). The transmitter offers 50 MHz-20 GHz RF instantaneous bandwith which, when coupled with APIC’s high responsivity and linearity receivers, offers unmatched RFoF link performance.

For applications that require high sensitivity and very low minimum detection signal threshold a configuration using an LNA is recommended. For applications that require higher linearity the no-LNA option is recommended.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength ( 100 GHz ITU channel grid)15301550nm
Output power20mW
Noise Figure 22dB
RF Bandwidth20GHz
Operational Temperature-40+75°C


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