Photodigm PH1083DBR 1083 nm DBR laser

This monolithic laser diode incorporates a distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) for stable frequency performance over its life time. It provides a diffraction limited, single lateral and longitudinal mode beam. Facets are passivated for high reliability. Applications for the 1083 nm DBR Laser Diode include fiber amplifier seeding, spectroscopy, difference frequency generation, and low power DPSS replacement.  The Spectroscopy Series 1083 nm laser diode is certified to be resonant with the metastable helium line.

  • DBR Single-Frequency Laser Chip
  • AlGaAs QW Active Layer
  • Facets passivated to withstand high power without catastrophic optical damage (COD)
  • Epi designed for high reliability
  • Wavelength tunable across 2 nm
  • Pulsed operation for spectral stability at short pulse lengths
  • High power for CW applications
  • High Slope Efficiency

Available packages : chip-on-submount, C-mount, TO-8, butterfly

Main specifications

Center Wavelength108110831085nm
Output power @ 150 mA40 to 280 mWmW
Spectral linewidth @ 150 mA810MHz
SMSR- 30dB
Beam divergence (free space package)6 x 328 x 34°
Fiber pigtail (with butterfly package)PM
DBR laser modules


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