Photodigm PH760DBR 760 nm DBR laser

This monolithic laser diode incorporates a distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) for stable frequency performance over its life time. It provides a diffraction limited, single lateral and longitudinal mode beam. Facets are passivated for high reliability. The 760 nm DBR Laser Diode is designed specifically for O2 detection.

  • DBR Single-Frequency Laser Chip
  • AlGaAs QW Active Layer
  • Facets passivated to withstand high power without catastrophic optical damage (COD)
  • Epi designed for high reliability
  • Wavelength tunable across several lines of the O2 spectrum around 760 nm
  • Pulsed operation for spectral stability at short pulse lengths
  • High power for CW applications
  • High Slope Efficiency

Available packages : chip-on-submount, C-mount, TO-8

Main specifications

Center Wavelength768770772nm
Output power @ 150 mA20 /40 / 80mW
Spectral linewidth @ 150 mA0.71MHz
SMSR- 30dB
Beam divergence (free space package)6 x 268 x 30°
Fiber pigtail (with butterfly package)PM
DBR laser modules


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