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APIC LN-1550-168-120 Ultra-Low RIN DFB laser

This ultra-low noise, high power DFB laser is based on proprietary epitaxy and laser design optimized for elimination of the relaxation oscillations in the laser. Once biased at nominal current the laser exhibits no measurable RIN and operates in the shot noise limit. It is mounted on a thermo-electric cooler (TEC) and hermetically sealed in a package. To eliminate electronics induced noise, the drive circuitry is entirely analog. The laser is driven with linear regulators and stabilized with a linear TEC controller. The carefully designed electronics eliminates any switching noise or spurious peaks to reduce any additional line broadening beyond the intrinsic linewidth of the laser. This allows the laser to be an exceptional choice for a very broad spectrum of RF over Fiber applications.


This unmatched performance is paired with a very high optical power that translates directly in increased gain for RF over Fiber without the need for noisy optical amplifiers. Laser output power and TEC set points can be externally adjusted.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength (factory set)15301550nm
Output power @ 600 mA120mW
Operational Temperature-20+75°C


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