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1550 nm Narrow Linewidth Laser in Butterfly Package

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1550 NM RIO PLANEX  Laser Module

The RIO PLANEX is high performance 1550 nm narrow linewidth source capable of deployment in EMM applications suitable for volume production.

The PLANEX product series are high performance and industry-proven single frequency External Cavity Lasers (ECL) based on RIO’s proprietary planar technology – PLANEX. The PLANEX laser consists of a gain chip and a planar lightwave circuit (PLC) that includes a Bragg grating. The coupling of these components forms a cavity with significant benefits, with up to 20 mW output power, very low RIN, ultra low phase noise and kHz range linewidth, and very low wavelength sensitivity to bias current and temperature.

Main specifications

Spectral linewidth115kHz
Output power1040mW
Fiber pigtailPM
narrow linewidth laser module


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