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PPCL550 L-band Tunable Laser Module

The PPCL550 L-band is the module version of the  Pure Photonics tunable laser. The laser and its features are designed for high SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio) applications, such as sensing and T&M (Test and Measurement).

The PPCL-550 tunable laser is available with a variety of optimized control schemes, enabling:

  • Clean Sweep: a (repeating) frequency sweep of 50 GHz
  • Clean Jump: jump to any frequency within 1 second
  • Clean Modulation AM: AM modulation with BW up to 1 GHz
  • Clean Modulation FM: FM modulation with BW up to 100 kHz; amplitude 100 MHz
  • Clean Measurement: Analog input into the micro-processor

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength ( 100 GHz ITU channel grid)15651610nm
Intrinsic Linewidth1015kHz
Operational Temperature-5+75°C
Tunable Laser Module


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