GPS Repeater Kit For Hangars

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GPS Repeater Kit For Hangars

Global Foxcom’s GNSS repeater solution is the ideal solution for re-transmitting GNSS signals indoors.

The repeater system provides seamless coverage inside a hangar enabling the testing of aircraft navigational systems without the need to move the aircraft out of the hangar.

The Repeater Kit consists of an Outdoor Unit (ODU), and/or an Indoor Unit (IDU), antennas, cables and a power supply (PS). Using top RF-Noise performance and a unique indoor directional RHCP antenna, the system provides better coverage, consumes less power and adds less distortion than compatible systems.

Main Specifications

Frequency Range – Bandwidth16161626.5MHz
Noise Figure2dB
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain50 (adjustable)dB
Iridium Inmarsat GPS repeaters


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