Mini GPS Repeater

Mini GPS Repeater

Our New Mini GNSS repeater module is an innovative solution for re-transmitting GNSS signals indoor. The module is equipped with unique features and provides top-notch RF performance while consuming less power compared to competitive systems.

Using a calibrated RF Gain Dip switch array, the Mini GNSS repeater module enables easy gain adjustment for optimal coverage. The Band Pass filter embedded inside the module blocks unwanted off-air signals and prevents them from being transmitted inside the facility to ensure reliable and constant operation.

The Mini GNSS repeater module monitors and provides information on the operation status of the outdoor antenna. When the outdoor antenna placement is limited, using the coupling port multiple Mini GNSS modules can be connected in series to provide a large-area GNSS signal distribution network.

To prevent the risk of misalignment, the Mini GNSS repeater is equipped with a smart signal-limit function. This function detects when the power output is too high or Oscillation cases and it limits the output levels.

The unique Directional RHCP variant enables operators to provide seamless coverage and testing of aircraft navigational systems inside a hangar or a large facility by extending signal transmission.

The Mini GNSS is equipped with two transmit ports and supports one or two zones, which supports indoor coverage of up to 1500m². The coupling port and Daisy chain multiple modules provide unlimited coverage areas.

The DC feature on the unit’s coupling port, enables one PS to provide power for multiple units.

Main Specifications

Frequency Range – Bandwidth11641610MHz
Noise figure3dB


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