Optical Frequency Discriminator

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Optical Frequency Discriminator

SILENTSYS develops and produces innovative ultralow noise systems covering photonics, THz/GHz and electronic modules.

SILENTSYS  Optical Frequency Discriminator is designed for laser frequency noise characterization and/or for laser frequency stabilization to drastically reduce the optical full width at half maximum linewidth.

SILENTSYS Optical Frequency Discriminator transforms your MHz linewidth laser into an Hz linewidth laser by pressing one button.

Main specifications

Laser TypeCW, single frequency--
Optical Power in200uW
Operating Wavelength1050 ± 50 / 1550 ± 50nm
System Sensitivity1MHz/V
Frequency Noise Floor Limit < 0.1 Hz2/Hz
Laser Linewidth (output)10 to 100Hz


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