EDFA-PA-MSA : pre-amplifier module in MSA package

The EDFA-PA-MSA is a high-gain pre-amplifier module in a multiple source agreement footprint housing. It is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for photonic subsystems, OEM integration, and fiber optic system integration. Using a high gain design, this pre-amp module provides over 30 dB gain with a 4.5 dB noise figure, good for input power level as low as -40 dBm. Software control via an a standard TTL RS-232 interface is available for status monitoring and pump current adjustments.

The EDFA-PA-MSA only requires a single +5 Volt DC power supply for operation.

Main specifications

Small signal gain (@ -30 dBm in)28dB
Output power (@ 0 dBm in)16dBm
Noise Figure4.5dB


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