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Frequency Comb Ycomb-100T

IMRA Ycomb-100T : Table-top Ultra-low Noise and High Power Ytterbium Fiber Frequency Comb

IMRA Ycomb-100T is a all-in-one high performance Ytterbium frequency comb. Ycomb-100T is a frequency comb for easy integration into power hungry applications. The Ycomb is based on an all-fiber platform with fiber-coupled or free space outputs.  It allows power scaling to > 100 W with additional amplifiers, while preserving a sub 200 fs pulse width.  The oscillator provides ultra-low carrier phase noise that is preserved through the amplification stages.  All systems are compatible with the IMRA ULC, a compact and flexible electronic lockbox for phase control.

Main specifications

Wavelength range6501400nm
Repetition rate100MHz
Repetion rate tuning range± 100kHz
frep control bandwidth100kHz
Output power1mW
Output power (option)0.7 / 10 / 100W
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