Intensity Modulator


IMP-1550-10 – 1550 NM 10 GHz Intensity Modulator

The Optilab IMP-1550-10 is a 10 GHz Intensity Modulator that features a zero-chirp design and a 10 GHz E/O bandwidth, a highly linear transfer function and excellent extinction ratio. Applications include digital transmission up to 12.5 Gb/s, analog RFoF transmission to 10 GHz, optical pulse generation, mode- locked fiber laser and microwave optical link. The IMP-1550-10 is compatible with a wide variety of modulator drivers, and a separate bias port allows the modulator to operate at specific points of the transfer function.

Main specifications

Operating Wavelength15251605nm
E-O bandwidth (-3 dB)10GHz
Vpi @ 10 GHz6V
Insertion Loss4.55dB


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