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MD-40  40 GHz Modulator Driver

The Optilab MD-40 40 GHz Modulator Driver is a wide band RF Amplifier designed for 40 GHz applications, providing a single-ended high voltage signal to drive an optical modulator, EML or EAM. With 38 GHz useful bandwidth and 30 dB gain, the MD-40 can be used as a pre-amplifier for analog RF over Fiber links. This 40 GHz Modulator Driver amplifies beyond 40 Gb/s data input signals to 7.5 Vp-p drive levels, with its flat gain and group delay response yielding a high quality, low-jitter electrical drive signal for digital applications. Featuring an anodized, precision-machined aluminum housing, the MD-40 is designed for applications during prolonged use.

In addition to its amplification function, the MD-40 also features a manually adjustable DC bias output voltage port, to further compliment its effectiveness when used with a standard LiNbO3 external modulator.

Main specifications

Electrical Bandwidth (-3 dB)3 kHz32 GHz
Electrical Bandwidth (-6 dB)3 kHz38 GHz
Gain (small signal)2830dB
Saturated Output Power21.5dBm
40 GHz Modulator Driver


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