XiMod 26 GHz RFoF Links

Linear Photonics’ XiMod Transmitter and Receiver modules provide a complete solution for transporting wide bandwidth microwave signals over optical fiber. Optimized for frequencies up to 26 GHz, these links are used for many applications such as Antenna Distribution, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, Radar, Sensors, and Satellite Communications (SATCOM).

XiMod Transmitters feature an external modulator and an ultra low noise laser source. XiMod Receivers feature an InGaAs high-responsivity PIN photoreceiver and provide DC to 26 GHz bandwidth in a 2” x 3” housing. Together they provide a low noise, high linearity link with unrivaled performance and dynamic range.

XiMod modules have analog optical power monitoring, TTL alarm reporting, and TTL ON/OFF control. Embedded transmitter pre-amp and receiver post-amp options provide the flexibility to optimize your system requirements.

Main specifications

Operational Wavelength 15201580nm
Gain (unamplified link)-25dB
Gain (amplified link)+20dB
Noise Figure (unamplified link)38dB
Noise Figure (amplified link)14dB
RF Bandwidth26GHz
Operational Temperature050°C
Operational Temp. (ext. range)-2070°C


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